What We Do

While rooted in the Christian faith, we hold our faith with open hands in order to see and experience the vastness of God. We are committed to four values : worship / reflection / community / service. We value diversity of thought and ongoing dialogue as we explore these values



Recognizing that God is God and we are not, and fully experiencing and exploring the tension that comes from that realization.

Our worship gatherings combine traditional liturgies, reflective readings, a varied orthodoxy of thought, open dialogue and conversation, and eclectic music from modern alternative to traditional hymns. We learn from each other as we travel through a life of faith both communally and individually. We focus on the questions and avoid easy. We find hope in the mystery of God, We seek to experience and be the love of God.  


Intentionally taking time to be still, to reflect on faith and experiences through silence, contemplation, and prayer.


We devote one gathering a month to reflect, contemplate, and/or simply be mindful. We live in a world filled with noise, activity, and distractions. We might find ourselves to be exhausted, unsatisfied, disconnected. The gathering is intended to create space that allows for reconnecting with oneself and/or with God simply by breathing, being, and listening. The evening is also intended to give us tools to incorporate this into regular life.


Learning how to navigate different beliefs, ideologies, and cultures because we value how those differences expand our understanding and awareness of both God and others.

The value of community is peppered in, and a focus of, everything we do. However on the second Sunday of each month we set aside a time to gather together with the specific intent of growing and celebrating relationships, The activities of our Community Gatherings are as diverse as those who attend, such as shared meals, concerts, picnics, hikes, yoga, etc. These events are an opportunity for the whole family to join together and share experiences with others. We value good food, good drinks, and good fellowship as the cement of our community.  


Joining God in the work of restoration by sharing our resources and ourselves with those in need.

The Gospels, accounts of the life of Jesus, is a word that means “good news”. We believe that the church should be good news to the larger community. While we tend to the needs within our community, we intentionally seek ways to be good news beyond our community. We are committed to this because we see an arc within scripture that continually calls God’s followers to look after those in need, those discarded by society, or those struggling for any reason. While culture values individual accomplishment and self-preservation, we believe God calls us to an interconnectedness because when one one person suffers, we all suffer.