What if Sabbath isn’t this grandiose gesture?  

What if it doesn't call us to set aside a day to rest and restore, but desperately sought balance can be found in creating a series of small sips of time for restoration? 

We are responsible for the upkeep of our own spirit and it takes time.  Without taking the time it is easy to lose focus of our heart center.  We can begin to feel ungrounded.  Some people would say in this quiet they find the company of God.  And from the making of this time what is important is put squarely in our gaze while letting the rest fall to the periphery.

With this new framework for sabbath, I created a space with pictures of my family and one of my daughters stained glass pieces over the window.  This space, standing at my sink in my closet has become one of my favorite places to find sabbath.  I can see my bird feeder out the window if I choose, with its many colorful feathered creatures politely waiting in line for their snack.  I see the trees and plants that I put in the ground over the many years of living at our house. I admire their growth and measure it against my memory of our house when we first moved in. I absorb the changes over time.

If it’s dark, I take in the dome of light and stars. Sometimes, I just look over the pictures of those who are most important to me.  My children at varying ages over the years. A record of those entities who ground me and have groomed me to be the person I am.  I calm my thoughts, I slow my breathing, and I become washed with gratitude.  I don’t spend a long time there, maybe 10 minutes a couple of times a day, but I find it helps me focus on what is real.  I am forced to feel my internal rhythm. To assess what I need. It serves as a reset.  I am washed with joy for what I have and momentarily suspend what I have to do.

How will you create sabbath today?

- Elizabeth Shuba