A Summer of Philosophy begins...

We begin our series by exploring some questions. The questions have to do with our presuppositions, the experiences we have had, and the emotional baggage we carry with us wherever we go.

Presuppositions are what we assume to be true. We may know what our presuppositions are and we may not. We may have inherited them without question and we may have chosen them. Some examples: "There is a God." "There is no God." "God cannot be known." "God is good." "I deserve to be happy." "Life isn't fair." We could go on and on and on. So... what are a few of your presuppositions?

Experiences then shape what we do with our presuppositions. Sometimes an experience will help support a presupposition, and sometimes an experience will significantly challenge one. Choose one of your presuppositions then consider which experiences have impacted it and why. Have experiences ever changed or eliminated a presupposition of yours?

Finally, identify what emotional baggage you carry with you. Sometimes the baggage can be a disappointment from a presupposition that didn't work out, a hurt that has scarred you. What tends to skew your perspective?

We encourage you to take the next few weeks to chew on these questions. Having greater self-awareness will help us to navigate the some philosophical concepts throughout the summer. It's going to be a beneficial journey!