Online Conversation


As many of you know we are in the midst of our spring series "That's What (S)he Said". During this series we are exploring questions that were put forth by the community. In an effort to continue the conversation throughout the week we will be posting some questions from the previous Sunday's services for an online conversation. Please visit our Facebook page to join in the discussion.

This weeks questions are...


1. What are the most important things in your life?

2. How do you find your purpose?

3. What is your deal breaker?

4. Can a person be truly selfless? 


We at The Other Church Lancaster believe there is great value to be found in respectful conversation even when that conversation contains becomes difficult because of different views. All we ask is that you show love and respect in any online discourse and realize that even in the midst of disagreement, things can be learned. 


Chat with you soon!