With a New Year about to begin...

Resolutions are easy to make, and nearly impossible to keep. And yet it is a ritual many of us come back to again and again. And why not? It is good to look back to consider how the past year has gone while looking forward with what you would like the new year to be.

We suggest that gratitude is a good place to begin. What are you thankful for from 2015? On a small piece of paper, write "2015" and then a few words of what you are grateful for from this past year. It doesn't have to be a significant event or even something anyone else would know. 

Change can be difficult. Sustainable change often takes time and lots of failures along the way. On the other side of that same piece of paper, write "2016" and a few words of what you would like to work on in the new year. It might be a characteristic or a habit; something to add or something to stop. 

Now take that piece of paper and put it in your wallet or bedside drawer. Put it some place where you will come across it often. When you see the "2015" side, be grateful for that one thing. Every time. And when you see the "2016" side, be reminded, not with a pang of guilt but with encouragement to keep going or to try again. Practice gratitude. Practice change. Every day if possible.

We hope 2016 is a year filled with peace for you and yours. We pray that you will experience God's presence and irresistible love.


Jennifer Potter

Jennifer is co-founder and lead pastor of The Other Church. She started this community because of her love of God, faith, and diversity of community which she could not find elsewhere. In addition to serving as pastor, she is a chaplain at a local hospital. She does life with her spouse, Jeremy. They have two hilarious and brilliant children. Isaac is grown and lives in NY. Liv is nearly grown and off to college soon.