Advent 2015

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, that means Advent isn't far behind. Advent is a season of preparing for the coming Messiah, the birth of Jesus. But sometimes when something is practiced for a very long time, the point of that practice can get lost. Or even pushed aside.

Think of the Messiah as God's answer to what the world needs. If you've been following the news at all, you know that the world is in great need. If Jesus was God's answer, why is the world still such a mess? Is there anything to be learned today from the events surrounding that birth so long ago?

Join us as we explore the Voices of Advent. Through daily readings and Sunday gatherings, we will listen to what others have said and are saying about life, God, fear, doubt, hope, sacrifice, and love. Not all voices will be pleasant. Most will be complicated. But that's real life, isn't it? 

This holiday season, we invite you on a journey. It won't disrupt (too much) the festivities, the To Do's, the shopping, family time, etc. But we do believe it will add some meaning to the season, particularly if you have questions about what God's answer might look like today in 2015. This Advent we invite you to listen.

Daily readings will begin Sunday, November 29th. Gatherings will be at Lancaster Theological Seminary on Sundays at 5:30pm (11/29, 12/6, 12/13, 12/20). Additional details will follow soon. Mark your calendars now!