Seeking to Connect...


A Church?

Yes, sort of. We think American culture is full of disconnect. The Other Church strives to be a creative and diverse community focused on connecting : us to ourselves through our questions and sense of purpose; to each other through communal experiences and service; and to something larger than all of this, whether that be named God or not. 

We connect through our shared humanity. We also connect through our differences. We invite each person to bring all of who s/he is to our gatherings. Some of us have an identifiable faith and some of us do not.

If you have questions and find rote answers unhelpful... 

If you long for community where you can be you... 

If you desire to make this life matter... 

We think The Other Church might be a great fit for you!


What Are We?

We are:

  • Holistic
  • Intentionally broad in both belief and practice
  • Conversational
  • Explorers of the questions of faith and meaning
  • A place of both comfort and challenge
  • Actively engaged in the greater Lancaster community

Do you have a pastor?

Yes. Jennifer Potter lives with her husband and daughter in Lancaster, PA with a grown son in NY, NY. "My dream of a church came from my desire to be part of a community that goes deep. It is in the depths that relationships are forged which can last a lifetime and withstand the storms that come with life. I also believe that it is in this depth God is most profoundly experienced. The heart of The Other Church’s vision is connection. Connection is fun, but in ways it can feel painful too at times, because in the depths we are most vulnerable, most human. Our flaws are laid bare along with our hopes and dreams and disappointments and hurts."

Jennifer graduated from Lancaster Theological Seminary in 2014 with an mDiv and has been working on this dream ever since. In addition to her role as pastor, she is a part-time staff chaplain at a local hospital. She loves to write, spend time with family and friends, and enjoys a good beer or glass of wine.

You may reach her via email at